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Welcome to 316 Antique Bibles. We are specialists in fine antiquarian Holy Bibles, Works in Theology, Bible Leaves and Prints from 1380 A.D. through 1899 A.D.

Located just minutes from the Great Smoky Mountains, we have been professionally and gratefully serving the needs of the Body of Christ. Since our humble beginnings in 2002, we have been working to revive the lost art of the chained and armored bookbinding. Whether you seek a 16th century Geneva Bible, a 17th century King James Bible, a Victorian era family Bible or one of our ancient Bible leaves as a gift or display, we are always happy to help.

We consider ourselves caretakers of these ancient treasures of the Word of God first and foremost. As such and setting us apart from other antiquarian booksellers, each and every ancient Bible that we sell is fully collated insuring all of the pages are present. If we find that any are missing, facsimile replacements are made from an identical edition using sympathetic paper and inserted in place restoring the text. Our Bibles then undergo a comprehensive page by page conservation that includes cleaning when possible, sweeping the gutters, straightening dog ears and repairing those careless page turner tears. The bindings are then cleaned and treated with a time honored archival leather preservative and polished.

Our efforts produce very pleasing results that leave no condition concerns or further actions required by you. In short, you will never receive a Bible from us that is falling apart in your hands or looks as if it was been put through a paper shredder and dragged through a mud puddle! We strive hard to acquire only those Bibles which we would like to collect ourselves, perform any needed restoration work professionally to archival standards and present them to you free from concerns.

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