1551 TAVERNER’S BIBLE LEAF *Luke 10:25- 12:1 * The Lord’s Prayer *

1551 TAVERNER’S BIBLE LEAF *Luke 10:25- 12:1 * The Lord’s Prayer *


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  • 1551 Taverner’s Bible Second Folio Leaf
  • Beautiful Old English Blackletter type font
  • Small Folio size Leaf on Cotton Linen Paper
  • 10 1/8 “x 7 1/8”
  • Vintage Frame
  • Great Gift Idea
  • Certificate of Authenticity Included
  • Near Fine Antiquarian Condition

1 in stock


1551 Taverner’s Bible Book of Luke Leaf

The Second Folio Edition Printed in London by John Daye known as the TAVERNER’S (O.T. and Apocrypha) & TYNDALE’S (N.T.) VERSION. RECTO contains Luke 10:25- 11:19. VERSO contains 11:20- 12:1. FEATURING: The Lord’s Prayer, The Good Samaritan, Mary and Martha, Knock and it Shall Be Opened, A House Divided, The Strong Man, The Sign of Jonah, Light Under a Bushel, Blood of the Prophets and 2 large initials . A lovely blackletter small folio leaf. Conforms to Herbert #93 with the plate size measuring 246mm X 163mm. Paper size is 10 1/8″ X 7 1/8 “. Printed on cotton linen paper sometimes called rag paper and in near fine antiquarian condition. Taverner’s leaves are very rare since so few Taverner’s Bibles were ever printed and New Testament leaves are exceedingly rare! GENERAL TITLE PAGE AND NEW TESTAMENT TITLE PAGE DATED 1551 ARE PICTURED FOR AUTHENTICITY ONLY AND ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THIS SALE. Our certificate of authenticity is included. A great gift idea or wonderful addition to any collection nicely presented in a vintage frame- 19″x 16″.

About the Taverner’s Bible:

Taverner’s Bible, more correctly called The Most Sacred Bible whiche is the holy scripture, conteyning the old and new testament, translated into English, and newly recognized with great diligence after most faythful exemplars by Rychard Taverner, is a minor revision of Matthew’s Bible edited by Richard Taverner and published in 1539. First editions of Taverner’s Bible are extremely rare. The successful sale of Matthew’s Bible, the private venture of the two printers Grafton and Whitchurch, was threatened by a rival edition published in 1539 in folio by “John Byddell for Thomas Barthlet” with Richard Taverner as editor. This was, in fact, what would now be called “piracy,” being Grafton’s Matthew Bible revised by Taverner, a learned member of the Inner Temple and famous Greek scholar. He made many alterations in the Matthew Bible, characterized by critical acumen and a happy choice of strong and idiomatic expressions.

His revision seems to have had little influence on subsequent translators, although a few phrases in the King James Bible can be traced to it.

It was not reprinted in its entirety. Quarto and octavo editions of the New Testament alone were published in the same year as the original edition, and the Old Testament was reprinted as part of a Bible in 1551. The Old Testament and Apocrypha were also issued by Day and Seres in five sections, between 1549 and 1551, in which the sharply Protestant notes are omitted or toned down.

A rare opportunity to own a true museum piece!


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